You Don't Have To Do This On Your Own

You’re an incredible martial arts instructor. Now become a black belt business owner.

Legacy One-On-One Coaching

Having grown his own Kando Martial Arts School to 7 locations and over 2500 members, Paul will work with you on an individual basis to show you exactly how to do the same. Access one-on-one support to find the answers to the specific questions that are holding your business back from stratospheric growth.

Become The Ultimate Martial Arts Business Owner

You’re used to being a high achiever but you know nothing happens without the right coach behind you.

Leverage your commitment and determination as a student of the martial arts to reach a pinnacle as a business owner.

As a Legacy member, you’ll get:

Access to our Facebook group of martial arts studio owners
Online learning
Video tutorials
Ready to use Facebook and marketing aids
Proforma event templates and artwork
Regular tips to grow your studio
Access to monthly webinars
Weekly group coaching call
Monthly one on one coaching call

The rewards of applying the techniques shared by your personal coach come in the form of better profits, happier students an amazing team and more freedom to find time with your family.

How It Works

Join MABS Legacy any time for just $997 per month. After a three month trial period, we ask you to commit for a further nine months so you can really make a difference to your business.

Your membership gives you access to online learning so you can start building your knowledge at home and in your own time.

You’ll also be invited to group calls and to personalised one-on-one calls with Paul Veldman.

Sign up for a full year and pay in advance to get one month of membership FREE.

Enrol now and start growing your business tomorrow.

“I've been where you are and I know how to get you to where I am today.” - MABS Founder Paul Veldman

MABS was founded after club owner Paul Veldman found himself struggling to make ends meet as the owner of his Kando Martial Arts School.

As an ex-Police Officer and martial arts instructor with multiple qualifications, Paul was surprised to find himself burnt out from trying to grow a successful business on his own. After seeking the support of business mentors, he was able to grow Kando into a brand of its own, with 7 clubs and over 2500 students.

Access a shortcut to the same kind of success and lifestyle enjoyed by Paul and many other successful martial arts business owners by applying for legacy coaching today.

Why Get Help?

Legacy Coaching will open the door to:

A Consistent Flow Of Students

Have predictable membership numbers and full classes.

Personal Freedom

Unshackle yourself from focusing on your business around the clock.

An Amazing Team

Be THE workplace of choice for martial arts instructors in your area.

Less Stress

Feel confident that your business is on the right track at all times.

Financial Freedom

Lay the right foundations and you’ll reap the financial rewards.

A Leading Brand

Become a recognised name in your chosen form of martial arts.

Ready To Get Started?

Apply for one-on-one coaching with Paul Veldman and grow your business to incredible heights.

  • Access techniques which are proven to be successful
  • Enjoy a relaxed and interactive approach to coaching from Paul
  • Leverage simple to implement strategies and information for faster results


Membership to Legacy is by application, we want to be sure we’re a good fit for each other.
To have a talk about the Legacy program, please book a time through the link below.