Inner Circle

Grow Your Club. Love Your Life.

Take your martial arts club to the next level with the support of industry leaders.

Martial Arts Is A Unique Industry

To truly grow your business, you need the support of experts who have been there and done that in the same environment.

MABS Inner Circle brings you exclusive access to tailored information and advice that you can leverage to grow your club into the facility you have always dreamed of.

Join a select group of motivated martial arts business owners and get what you need to grow your profits without having to spend more hours at work.

As well as online learning, you’ll be invited to two exclusive group calls per month, covering the most important areas of running your club and giving you the opportunity to ask questions about growing your studio.

Invest In Yourself and Your Business will Thank You For It!

What We Focus On

MABS INNER CIRCLE solves three crucial problems for martial arts business owners.


Put as much into your team as you do with your students and you will reap the rewards.


Generate consistent, predictable growth and become the go-to school in your area.


Give each student the same great experience regardless of the instructor or location they are training at.

What You'll Get

MABS INNER CIRCLE empowers you to grow your school and escape the grind of teaching countless classes.

Here’s what your monthly membership covers:

Access to our Facebook group of martial arts studio owners
Online learning
Ready to use Facebook and marketing aids
Proforma event templates and artwork
Video tutorials
Regular tips to grow your studio
Access to monthly webinars
Fortnightly group coaching calls

You don’t have to figure it all out yourself! MABS takes care of the ‘how’. You’ll simply do what I do to get the same result I do every month.

  • Learn to market your business for measurable results
  • Establish systems which free up hours of your time
  • Train your people so your reputation is untouchable

If you have mastered martial arts at an elite level, you already know how to stay focused so you can achieve your goals. All you need now is the right knowledge and the right tools.

How It Works

Join Inner Circle any time for just $68.55 a week. The Inner Circle is a 6 month program, although after the first month, you can “love us or leave us” with no further commitment. After the 6 months, opt out at any time.

Inner Circle also gives you access to the MABS University at no extra cost.

Enrol now and start growing your business tomorrow.


Book a 30-minute call with MABS Founder Paul Veldman or enrol to get started today.