Honey, I Shrank the Club!

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Honey, I Shrank the Club!

It’s an easy “trap” to fall into to be focused on the number of students in the club. In many ways it has been used as a measure of success in our industry. How many times are you asked how big your club is when you are at an industry event?

On a business level, it’s important to remember the old adage:


“Numbers are vanity, profit is sanity”

Of the two clubs that I personally own, pre COVID one was sitting at just under 800, the other at around 550.

The 800 club is under full management, and luckily for me the guy running it is bloody awesome (he’s also buying into it as a partner).

But a club that big takes a LOT of work. Staff numbers and quality, admin time, class sizes, customer interaction.

On top of that, the constant “topping up” of student numbers.

We have a KPI of under 3% per month attrition, we’ll average about 3.5 – 4% over the year. 

That means just to stay at the same level, we need around 30 new students per month.

30 new students per month equates to around 45 trials.

45 trials equate to around 80 enquiries.

That all equates to a lot of work.

As for a lot of us, if nothing else COVID has been good for highlighting the important things in our lives.


I’ve made the decision to downsize the 550 club to around 400.

Previously it was running out of 2 buildings, now we’ll just use one.

Already the staffing is easier. Both myself and the 2 main instructors are really excited to put that energy that was vested into growing the club into making the club even better.

Less numbers = more time to spend with current students and customers. This means better quality of service, which equates to better retention.

And probably even more importantly, we’re going to be putting more of our focus on what we love doing – teaching.

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