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Get Involved With Your Community…

As a martial arts school owner, you have a great opportunity to become involved and a leader in your local community.

Local businesses helping each other out creates a healthy local economy.

Small business owners who help each other out create a synergy between their businesses.

Become an active player in your local area.

  •  Offer workshops for local businesses and their employees
  •  Volunteer at local events (fundraisers etc)
  •  Become part of your local business group
  •  Host and attend networking events
  •  Give out flyers / vouchers for other businesses at your events

On open days we have had other local businesses set up a stall to promote themselves.

We also do the rounds to get vouchers & flyers for our gift bags when we run Self Defence seminars. These are very popular. In return, we have our flyers and cards in their shops.

What have you done with a local business to help each other out?

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