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Discover Martial Arts Business Success

You don’t have to have all the answers. You just have to find the people who do.

Martal Arts Business Consulting
From the founder


In 1996, training in VicPol, I blew my knee out requiring a full reconstruction. Bored out of my brain not being able to train, I ended up on the mats helping out my Sensei with classes. Sometime later he said to me “There’s a building down the road that would make a good dojo, do you want to run a club?”

I thought to myself, “How hard could it be?”

How’s that for a business plan?

After the first 12 months of operating Kando Martial Arts, we had 22 students. My wife and I were paying the rent out of our wages. Even after a flyer drop doubled our numbers, we limped along like a wounded duck for the next few years. We were pretty much teaching for free.

After getting stuck in a cycle of burning out, getting sick and starting all over again, I finally took on a business coach. Under this mentor, we grew the club to around 250 students. The turning point came when I stopped putting all my energy into my students and started focusing on my staff and leadership team.

This shift in mindset and business practice led to a bigger facility. Then another location. Now, Kando Martial Arts School has 7 locations and over 2500 students.

These days, my focus is you.

I established MABS to help martial arts business owners like you to avoid the stress, heartache, long hours and financial turmoil of growing your own studio. You’ll learn in months what it took me over a decade to discover.

Choose your level of commitment, then access our incredible community and resources to fast-track your business to game-changing success.


We coach martial arts business owners around Australia and internationally.


With information specific to martial arts clubs, studios and dojos, my training can open the door to:
Higher Student Numbers

Be THE club of choice in your area and have a steady stream of enquiries.

Fewer Hours at Work

Move away from teaching every class yourself and working 7 days a week.

More Reliable Instructors

Build a happy, skilled team who love coming to work at your club.

Less Stress

Say goodbye to money worries and endless admin tasks.

Higher Profits

Yes, you can own a martial arts club and have a substantial personal income.

More Venues

Grow your club to new locations and have a network of loyal members.



Today, too many martial arts business owners are weighed down by poor instructors, low student numbers and too much admin work.

MABS was created to show you the steps to free your time, minimise paperwork, grow your studio and live the life you had in mind from the start.

We picture a future where martial arts studio owners are relaxed and confident about the profits and direction of their business.


Martial Arts Business Success is on a mission to work with genuine Martial Artists in an ethical, sustainable manner, to help turn their schools into thriving communities and to help them achieve lifestyle success.

Martial Arts Business Coaching Australia

MABS and its members value:

  • A growth mindset: So we never stop learning
  • A supportive environment: Where wins are shared and celebrated
  • Openness and sharing: So everyone can benefit from each others’ success
  • Commitment: Nothing is achieved without consistent effort
  • Courage: We know that the only real failure is not trying things in the first place
Martal Arts Business Consulting


Martial Arts Business Coaching Australia

A former Victorian Police Officer, Paul’s roles included being a “Train the Trainer” in Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Conflict Management, a Forced Building Entry Instructor, and Siege and Hostage Negotiator. He founded his first martial arts school in 1996 while recovering from an injury.

He is now Director of 7 schools, with 40 instructors and over 2500 students. To share what he has learned over many years of growing his own network of clubs, MABS was established in 2016.

Paul now works with martial arts business owners one-on-one and in a group capacity, empowering them to achieve similar success without the heartache and setbacks.

“I’m in a position now where I teach classes WHEN I want. The lifestyle we now enjoy as a family is better than I would have imagined. Importantly, I can help my club owners (and others) replicate this. There are no shortcuts, the work and sweat equity needs to be put in.
But the crazy hours, not seeing family for days at a time, the stress and burnout, can be avoided. Let me show you how.” – Paul Veldman

Paul began his martial arts journey at the age of 13, starting at a local freestyle karate.
He is currently a 6th Dan in karate, a black belt in Philippine Martial Arts, a Category 5 Instructor in Floro Fighting Systems and Category 3 in Kalis Ilustrisimo. Paul is also currently training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kobudo and in the Kinetic Fighting Systems (KEF).